Your new health management system

It’s all yours: appointments, reminders and medical records, with a personal news feed and great profiles for your four-legged friends. Available as an app or a web application.

It’s easy to book your preferred appointments

You have never booked an appointment this fast before: choose the veterinary clinic, click on the appointment time, enter the reason for your visit and briefly inform petsXL about what your animal needs. That’s it.

You’re always prepared

With petsXL, you always have all your beloved animal’s medical data on hand: vaccinations, medication, laboratory findings, X-rays and ultrasound images. Just like you’ve always wanted.

Cashless payment

It’s easy to pay your veterinary bills with petsXL. Your vet will gladly place them directly in your news feed, where you can pay using your smartphone right after your appointment.

Faster recovery

All the important documents regarding medication for your four-legged friends are stored in a central location on petsXL, reducing the potential for error and helping your animals recover faster.

Your link to your vet
Your link to your vet

Your app for animal health and communication

petsXL is the perfect way to manage your animal’s health. Everything important to your animals’ health is at your fingertips: their vaccination records, next appointments and medical history. Get informed, speak with your vet, make appointments and tell them about your beloved friend’s health. You have round-the-clock access to all of your animal’s medical data in their electronic records, and you can share those records with other vets if there is an emergency or if you are on holiday. You always have them with you, along with everything you need to keep your four-legged friends healthy. It’s easy and secure, made just for you!

Schedule appointments online
Keep digital treatment records
Make cashless
Store electronic documents
Schedule appointments online
Keep digital medical records
Make cashless payments
Communicate easily
Store electronic documents
All of your data belongs safely to you.
All we do is manage it for you.

Schedule appointments online

This is how simple it is to book your preferred appointment

On petsXL, you simply click on your veterinary clinic to display all available appointments immediately. Your automated health management system even remembers who your primary attending vet is. Enter the reason for your visit, select the right appointment and your favourite vet will immediately be informed. Whether your animal needs an annual vaccination, you have pre-purchased an exam, or you’ve got a cow with milk fever, petsXL makes appointment scheduling a piece of cake. And if something comes up, you can simply reschedule or cancel.


Digital treatment records

You're always prepared

Your vet can provide you with the complete medical records for your animal via petsXL: everything from X-rays and prescribed medication to vaccinations your animal has received, laboratory findings and ultrasound images. You always have all their data on hand, and you can share it with other vets if you move, go on holiday or if your animal is referred to a new clinic.


Cashless  payment

Focus: your finances

With petsXL, your animal-related finances are clear, and they’re digital. After the visit to the vet’s, you will get a push notification informing you that you can find your invoice in your news feed. That’s where you can check invoices, plus you can pay directly on petsXL. If you happen to overlook a payment, your vet will gladly send you an account statement or a payment reminder. Your finances aren’t complicated – they’re easy!


Communicate easily

Your animals and you

Once you’ve subscribed, you will see all your petsXL activities in your personal news feed: upcoming appointments, outstanding invoices and important information from your vet. You will know right away when new exam results are available. Your animals also have personal profiles. Add your favourite pictures of your four-legged friends. Your health management system will collect all of their medical and health data, all by itself.


Store electronic documents

Help your animal stay healthy

With petsXL, you are well informed about your animal’s medication. Get reminders about when their regular medicine should be administered, read the instructions for use or tell your vet how the prescribed medication is working. Once your vet has shared them with you, you have access to all application and dispensing documents, stock books, certificates, prescriptions and instructions for use at any time of day. Animal healthcare has never been this easy.

How does petsXL work?

Next time you see your vet, simply ask them to invite you onto the platform. You will receive a link on your smartphone that you can follow to register with petsXL. That’s it; you are already connected. petsXL will already have set up your animal’s files and records. Adding beautiful profile pictures is quick, and configuring your personal account settings is easy. You’re ready to go.

Keep an eye out for many additional features to come. Our team is working on them right now. petsXL will always be there to support you.