Frequently asked questions

Conditions for the use of petsXL

How do I get access to petsXL and how can I connect with my vet?

You can access petsXL by registering with petsXL. You can either be invited by your vet or you can register yourself. For both, you need the petsXL app or a modern internet browser with which you can access You can find the petsXL app in the App Store (iPhone) and in the Google Play-Store (Android) and download it to your smartphone for free.

Invitation from your vet
Simply ask your vet to invite you to petsXL. That way, you don’t have to enter your data and that of your animals, and you can start using the app right away. If your vet does not use petsXL, simply tell him about petsXL on your next visit, so that you can connect on petsXL.

If you have received the invitation from your vet (“Welcome to petsXL” email), you have to confirm the invitation shortly after, set up a password and then you are both connected. Please note that you have to accept the invitation within 48 hours; otherwise we will delete your invitation and you will have to ask for a new one.

After your registration you will find your personal data in Main menu under “Account” and your animals’ data under “Animals”. All data that your vet has stored about you and your animals in his practice has been transferred to petsXL as part of the invitation.

Registering by yourself
If you register without the invitation from your vet, you will have to enter your details and those of your animals, yourself. The functionality of petsXL is limited in this case, because you are not connected to a vet and no vet can send you data and information. 

To register manually, start petsXL and carry out the individual registration steps. After entering your data, we will send you a welcome email in which you can confirm your registration and then start petsXL. 

After your registration you can complete your personal date in Main menu under “Account” and enter your animals’ data under “Animals”. If a vet invites you later and sends you data about your animals, your animals may be duplicated. In the list of your animals, you will find a function that allows you to easily merge duplicate animals. 

During the registration we will show you our  terms of use and our privacy statement. Please, read both carefully. You must accept both if you want to use petsXL.

Which requirements must my smartphone meet to use the petsXL app?

Requirements for iPhones
The petsXL app for iOS is supported by iOS 9 and later versions. To find out which operating system is installed on your iPhone, open your “Settings”, select “General” and then “About”. Under “Software version” you will see the current iOS version of your iPhone.

Requirements for Android smartphones
The petsXL app for Android needs Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher. To find out which operating system is installed on your Android smartphone, go to “Settings”, select “Phone Info” and then “Software Information”. Here you can find the “Android version” of your smartphone.

Why doesn’t petsXL work with all smartphones and operating systems?

Known security gaps in outdated operating system versions can pose a potential risk to the security of the data stored in petsXL. Therefore, we do not support older operating systems. We support the last two versions for iOS and the last three versions for Android.

How does the download of the petsXL app work?

Download with an iPhone
The petsXL app is available in the App Store. To download the petsXL app, open the App Store on your iPhone and search for petsXL. Once you found the petsXL app, you can download it for free. Please note that the petsXL app is only supported by iOS 9 or higher.
>br>>strong>Download with an Android smartphone
The petsXL app is available for free in the Play Store. To download, open the Play Store on your smartphone and search for petsXL. Once you have found the petsXL app, you can download it for free. Please note that the petsXL app is only supported by the operating systems Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

Can I also use petsXL on my tablet or PC?

Of course you can also use petsXL on your tablet or PC. Just download the petsXL app in your App or Play Store and log in. On your PC, simply open your internet browser, enter and click on “Login”.

Can I use petsXL on several devices?

You can use petsXL on any number of devices. You only have to register once and then you can log in with your access data on any device and use petsXL with the app or in your internet browser.

Can I also use petsXL without being connected to a vet?

Yes, you don’t have to be connected to a vet. However, the range of functions and thus the benefits of petsXL are very limited. Although you can enter your personal data and the data of your animals and also make online appointments with your vet, your vet cannot send you treatment data, medication, finances and other data about you and your animals. Therefore, we recommend that you ask your vet to invite you and that you connect with him before using petsXL.

Open a petsXL account

How do I register to petsXL?

To register with petsXL, you must be at least 16 years old.

Registration is very simple: you either let your vet invite you and save yourself the trouble of entering your personal data (and that of your animals), or you do the registration yourself and enter all data manually. Whatever you choose, you either need the petsXL app or go to in your internet browser.

When your vet has invited you, you briefly confirm the link in his invitation email, set your password and you are registered. If you would like to register yourself, go to petsXL, select “Register” and enter your name and email address. Then set your password and submit your registration. If you would like to register yourself, please go to petsXL, select “Register” and enter your name and email address. Then set your password and submit your registration. In our welcome email, you click on the confirmation link and you are registered this way.

In the course of the registration we point you to our Nutzungsbedingungen and our Datenschutzerklärung. Please read both documents carefully and confirm that you agree with them. You cannot use petsXL without agreeing with both.

How do I upload profile pictures for myself and my animals?

In petsXL you have the possibility to store profile pictures for you and your animals as well as shared photos of you. You can use existing photos from your media library or add new photos. Just use the corresponding functions in petsXL and the capabilities of your smartphones or tablets.

Configure settings

How do I customise my account settings?

You can access your account settings in the main menu under “Account”. Here you will find your personal data, your access data and you can activate or deactivate all important functions of petsXL that your associated vets offer you and that you would like to use. Here you can also set which notifications petsXL may send you, manage your payment options and find an overview of all devices on which you use petsXL.

How do I allow petsXL to access my camera, location and microphone?

For some functions it is necessary to allow petsXL access to the camera, location or microphone of your smartphone. For example, if you want to take profile pictures of you and your pets, send your vet pictures, video or audio recordings or if you want to make appointments with him.

If you have a iPhone go to “Settings” and “Privacy”. Here you can select the hardware you want to share. For example, if you select “Camera”, you will find petsXL in the list and can set the slider behind petsXL to “green” for sharing. It works the same way for your location and your microphone.

For a Android smartphone go to “Apps & Permissions” in the “Settings”, then to “Apps” and select petsXL there. Under “Permissions” you will find an overview of the hardware you can share with petsXL. For example, if you want to share the camera, just set the slider behind it to “green”. Do the same for your location and your microphone.

How do I update the petsXL app?

petsXL is constantly being further developed and offers you new functions again and again. That’s why regular updates to the petsXL app are available in the App Store and Google Play Store. If you regularly update, you’ll always be up to date and use the latest and greatest version of petsXL. Your phone can automatically download updates to the petsXL app if you have enabled the feature on your phone.

On your iPhone, open “Settings” and go to “iTunes & App Store. Set "App-Updates" to green if you want to update your app - including the petsXL app - automatically.

Open the Google Play Store on your smartphone. Go to the menu in the upper left corner and open the "Settings". Here you will find the item "Automatic App Updates" and can set the appropriate settings for you.

How do I know that I have received new data in petsXL?

Whenever your vet sends you current treatment data, documents about medications, appointment reminders, financial data, new animal data or other information, you will receive an email or a push notification from petsXL.

How can I turn notifications on and off?

You can turn email and push notifications on or off at any time. You can find the function in the main menu under “Account” and there under “Notifications”. Select “Edit”, select the desired settings and save your selection.

Everything about your petsXL account

How can I change my personal data?

You can change all your personal data at any time. To do so, select “Account” in the main menu, look for the appropriate category and then go to “Edit”.  please note that any changes you make to your personal data will never be sent to your vet. If you would like him to update the data in his practice management software, please inform him of the changes by phone or on your next visit.

How do I log into petsXL?

To log into petsXL, simply enter your email address and password on the petsXL login screen - that’s all.

What can I do if I am not able to log in?

If you are unable to log in, please first check that you have entered your email address and password correctly. If they are correct, you should check if your internet connection is working properly. If it is, you can reset your password and try again with a new password. If your registration still does not work, please send us an email stating your smartphone type, the version of your operating system and the petsXL version you are using.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

If you ever forget your password, simply use the “Forgot your password?” link on the petsXL login screen and follow our instructions to set a new password.

How can I log out of petsXL?

You can log out at any time from the main menu of petsXL. Please note that you will no longer be able to receive push notifications.

What happens to my petsXL app if I want to change my smartphone?

If you want to change your smartphone, simply install the petsXL app on your new device and log into petsXL as usual. If you are no longer using your old smartphone, you should delete the petsXL app from your old device.

What happens if I delete the petsXL app?

If you delete the petsXL app, you will no longer receive push notifications on your smartphone. Since deleting the petsXL app does not delete any of your data, you can still access your data on all other devices with a petsXL app or via an internet browser.

What could be the reason for me not receiving any email from my vet or from petsXL?

For all emails that your vet or we send you in connection with your use of petsXL, we use a specific email address: It is possible that your email program or email provider does not know this email address yet and incorrectly classifies it as spam. Spam emails do not appear in your normal inbox, but in your junk folder, so that you think that you have not received any emails from petsXL.

If you want to make sure that emails from petsXL always appear in your inbox, you can set our email address in your email program or in the spam filter of your email provider as safe and trustworthy. You can find details about this in your email program or with your email provider.

Can I send messages to my vet through petsXL?

Currently, you can only message your vet in the frame of scheduling an appointment. However, we are working on many additional services for communication and exchange of data with your vet.

Appointment scheduling

How do I make an appointment?

You can make appointments in petsXL in different places - for example in the list of your appointments or in the profile of your pet. Simply start the process, select or confirm the animal for which you would like to make an appointment and find the appropriate vet in your area. The veterinarians you are already connected with will be displayed immediately. You can easily find veterinarians you are not connected with, by clicking on “More veterinarians”.

Once you have chosen the right vet, we will connect you to the practice management software of the veterinary practice and look for free appointments for you. Then you choose the reason for your visit, then the date and finally the time you want to come - done. Immediately after you have booked your appointment you will receive a confirmation and 24 hours before the appointment you will receive a reminder.

If the veterinary practice is closed, we will automatically show you the opening hours of the practice so that you can immediately see when your vet has time for you. To make an appointment, the veterinary practice must be online. If this is not the case, please try again later or call the veterinary practice.

I cannot find my vet. How come?

petsXL is brand new. So in the beginning it is quite possible that your vet does not use petsXL yet or does not offer all features. In this case he will not be found in petsXL when you make an appointment. Help us to make petsXL more attractive and tell your vet at your next visit that you would like to connect with him via petsXL. Maybe he will decide to try out petsXL, just like you, so you will be able to use petsXL together in the future.

Treatment data

How can I obtain treatment data and exam results?

Please ask your veterinarian to provide you with the medical data of your animals such as examination reports, laboratory results, X-ray or ultrasound images and ECG at petsXL. After your veterinarian has sent you the data, you will receive a notification and can view the data directly in your news feed. If you want to see the entire treatment record of an animal, you can access it in your pet’s list or in each animal’s profile.

How can I share treatment files with other vets?

At the moment you can only show the treatment data of your animals to other vets on your smartphone, tablet or internet browser. However, we are already working on features that will allow you to share your data with vets or with your friends and family. 


How do I get documents for applied and prescribed drugs?

Ask your veterinarian if he or she can provide you with your medication records, such as instructions for use, application and dispensing receipts, vaccination and stock books or prescriptions at petsXL. After your vet has sent you the documents, you will receive a notification and you will find the documents directly in your news feed. If you want to get an overview of all documents, just go to the “Medications” section.

Cashless payment

How can I pay with the petsXL app?

If you would like to pay your vet bills cashless with petsXL, you must first define a payment option (bank account or credit card) in your petsXL account. To do so, go to your “Account” in the main menu and enter the desired data under “Payment options”. All data that you enter under payment options is stored by our payment service providers in a PCI-compliant manner. We do not have access to this data.

To pay a bill, you simply select the corresponding bill in your news feed or in your “Finances”, then tap on “Pay”, select your payment option - that’s it. Our payment provider will debit the amount of your account or credit card and forward the amount directly to your vet.

The company

Who is behind petsXL?

petsXL is a product of VetZ LLC, one of the leading specialists in practice and image management software, digital X-ray systems and web applications in veterinary medicine. Our customers include veterinarians, veterinary hospitals and veterinary universities in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Great Britain, the USA and Canada. VetZ was founded in 1997 and has its headquarters in Isernhagen near Hanover, Germany. For further information, especially on products and services, please visit our

Data security and data protection

What will happen if I lose my smartphone? Is my data safe?

All of your and your animals’ data are never saved on your smartphone. Instead, your data is saved on our servers in Germany. If you lose your smartphone or if it gets stolen, your data is protected through your password.

Where is my data saved?

All your data and your animals’ data is stored exclusively on our own servers in Germany.

About petsXL

Who is authorised to use petsXL?

Any person who is at least 16 years old and who owns an animal is authorised to use petsXL.

How much does petsXL cost?

The use of petsXL is free for you. We do not charge you any fees for the currently described range of functions. However, your veterinarian may charge you for certain functions or for data transfer. Please check with your veterinarian before you connect with him and have data sent to you.